In this Brazilian waxing course, you will have 5 Lessons going over step-by-step of How To's on learning new techniques, building efficiency and waxing knowledge.


My name is Aimee French, Owner of Aimee French Waxing. I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Kauai. After High school I moved to Oahu to pursue my professional Beauty career in Esthetics. I have been in the waxing business for 17 years and have had a successful business of my own since 2012.

Some of my specialties include quick painless hard wax Brazilian waxing, anatomical brow shaping, and seamless natural looking Microblading. I am also adverse in “virgin brows”, which is first-time waxing. 

The Beauty Co-Op Hawaii was started in 2017, I started this collaboration of beauty professionals to empower other artistic movements in the beauty industry. I enjoy mentoring my beauty colleagues, and encourage them to do what they love doing. The Beauty Co-Op Hawaii provides a space of serenity and professionalism all under one roof. 

Since 2012, I have owned my own successful six figure waxing salon located in Honolulu, Hawaii. I have been named Hawaii’s top waxing salon in 2015 and featured in the Luxury Kauai Magazine as one of Hawaii’s top brow and brazilian waxing expert. 

I also have the privilege to participate in various sponsorship programs. One of which features Aimee French Waxing, as sponsor to the prestigious Miss Hawaii America Pageant. I am also the reigning Queen’s personal waxer. It is such an honor and I take extreme pride being able to share my skills in such a high profile event. 

My Six Figure Waxing course was created because I believe there is always room for continued education and after talking with colleagues, I have realized there is a lack of waxing training for aestheticians once they finish their schooling. Often times this can leave students with very little confidence in their waxing skills. My waxing technique will teach you how to perform professional, efficient and painless techniques while being comfortable and confident. Learning the right techniques will help you in this industry and will completely change your waxing career. My Six Figure Waxing will help you accomplish all of this and so much more. 

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Brazilian Hard Wax ($200 Off) Bundle

Step by step how to perform a Brazilian Wax

Learn everything you need to know to perform an efficient and thorough Brazilian wax with hard wax. I'll go over step by step details on; patterns, stick twirling, application and removal of wax.